Sweat And Slip Tested: The Best Yoga Mats For Your Heated Practice

My love affair with hot yoga began earlier this year, and I haven’t looked back since—dedicating at least two hours each week to my practice at my favorite local yoga studio. Although hot yoga in a studio setting is my preference, I also roll out the mat at home each week to refocus my energy and tune in to my body. While I would still consider myself a beginner student, I have tested a variety of yoga mats on my journey thus far—trying everything from a paper-thin clearance mat...

Let’s Kick It: My Go-To Soccer Workout For A Strong Body And Mind

I started playing soccer at the age of three and haven’t been able to shake my love of the sport since. In middle school, my little sister and I were notorious in our neighborhood for breaking off the tops of fence posts as we attempted to chip soccer balls over the “obstacles” to each other. My dad was thrilled about the “charm” the missing pieces of fence added to our home, let me tell you.

Beginner Yogi: I Tried 3 Different Yoga Classes In 7 Days—Here's What Happened

As I was blowing out the candles on the evening of my 26th birthday, it hit me. There are so many different fitness classes and wellness-related experiences that I’ve been wanting to try, yet I have consistently made excuses to avoid them due to fear of commitment. In this moment I posed a birthday challenge to myself (since I’m not getting any younger here) to say yes to these opportunities as opposed to saying no or coming up with a lame excuse to justify why I can’t.

10 Dollar Baby: My First Boxing Class Experience

Ever since I was a young tomboy who routinely wore oversized soccer shorts, I’ve always felt an urge to punch things during frustrating situations or periods of anger. Yes, I am well aware that this makes me sound aggressive, but I’ve never punched a human being and am generally well mannered. My only victims have been bedroom walls, pillows, and couch cushions, occasionally resulting in hand pain that I instantly regret as embarrassment from my rage and tantruming washes over me.

Depressed By Debris: What Happened When I Went Plogging For The First Time

It’s not uncommon to see gray and dreary skies for days on end during the winter months and on into early spring, especially if you reside in the Midwest. After a week filled with cold, rainy weather, a Sunday with clear skies and temperatures in the high 40s left me feeling more motivated than ever to head outdoors and stretch my legs. Since my partner and I were both feeling stir crazy, tired of Entourage reruns (sorry, Vince), and eager to breathe fresh air, we chose to start our rain-free...